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EDC-Middle East is an Egyptian-Saudi company represents EDC-International U.S, Which was established in 1988 in California, USA to offer their services in the field of providing advanced educational techniques, which depend on STEM educational system to market such technologies in the Middle East and North Africa to spread the latest ways of learning between our Arab nations.

Our vision

As our vision is, the human mind was found to create, invent, criticize, and present solutions for life.
EDC Middle East will be a leading company in providing premium service to develop the education in various education stages in Middle East and North Africa, in accordance with the international quality standards using the best technology in the world (STEM) to qualify a generation capable of innovation.

Our Mission

There is an urgent need to formulate a modern framework for technical education suits with the demands of the future, primarily depends on the development of skills, knowledge and capabilities of the students and at the same time depends on developing teaching methodologies using STEM educational systems.

Our Goals

- use the latest Scientific methods in education

- rely on applying the latest modern technological methods

- Make the student a part of using the latest technology.

- Help students to reach a professional level of innovation.

- Help students to organize his thinking to reach innovation level.

- Build Proper scientific concepts.

- Strengthen the positive attitudes of student by achieving practical interaction with these modern applications.

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